Instagram Roundup and 2017 update

Shortly after the art show i talked so much about, i got sick. Then holidays happened and eventually vacation, but now im back full time and embarrassed that i let a few months lapse without an update. I am too lazy or “busy” to scan those doodle pages in so I am going to start […]

Self worth & Giving up

If you have been reading, that first blog post about getting over yourself was my attempt to have fun with art again. It worked, I have been creating, finishing things that I have put off for years. A reminder to do what I liked doing while not worrying about the end result, to just have […]

Brushing Up in Photoshop: Part 1 (Digital Inking)

This is not a tutorial, not a journal…ummm tutournal? Either way its part documenting new skills i learned and putting them to use. Lessons learned and botched ideas. So im walking you the reader through it but at the same time more of a show and tell. Before i start i just wanted to take […]

Learning to get over yourself

For the fifth time since my early twenties i decided i needed a rebrand. Listing¬†twitter names, checking domain names and availability, and spending too much time planning an idea instead of doing it. It scares me. It scares me because if i found something i liked wether it be a wordpress template, a logo or […]